The Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma, L.L.C., is a licensed 12-bed in-patient facility offering state-of-the-art surgery, laser procedures, pain management, and short term hospitalization. The hospital meets or exceeds all requirements for an in-patient hospital, and is inspected and licensed annually by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care for patients having surgery. The hospital provides a quiet atmosphere where post-surgical care is provided by highly trained and experienced physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff.

Our Mission

To care for our patients, serve our physicians, and improve healthcare in America.

Our Values

  • Clinical Quality:  We are committed to outstanding patient care and clinical outcomes.
  • Integrity:  We do what is right, no matter how difficult, without exception. We say what we mean, and we do what we say.
  • Service Excellence:  We seek to exceed the expectations of patients, physicians and each other in everything we do.
  • Teamwork:  We work together, helping and supporting one another to make our Centers, Departments and all of SCA successful.
  • Accountability:  We take complete, personal responsibility for our actions and commitments.
  • Continuous Improvement:  We seek to relentlessly improve our performance in every area – clinical, operational, and financial – constantly pushing ourselves to new heights.